Below are just some of many agencies who refer cancer patients and their families to us.

Preparing for the road of breast cancer affects every aspect of life. The patient and their families need to have resources that offer help to support, inform, enlighten, uplift, and bring improvement and hope. is committed to assisting those battling this life altering condition. We have created this page of resources so that you can benefit from the many programs available that will help to bring a positive difference physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Baptist Health

Located in Northeast Florida, the five hospitals bring the largest network of physicians in the area and has the honor of being considered the "Most Preferred" health care provider by local residents. The National Research Corporation’s annual study indicated that Baptist Health has the best doctors, best nurses and best overall quality. The Hill Breast Center has almost everything needed for breast cancer education, screening, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Support services include psychological services and counseling.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) recognizes that no two cancer patients, and no two cancers, are exactly the same. Every patient's care plan, from treating the disease to managing related side effects, is designed to meet his or her needs and treatment goals. Patients and their caregivers are involved every step of the way, empowered to make informed decisions about their care.

City of Hope

The 25 locations of City of Hope extends throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino California Counties. City of Hope has held the honor by U.S. News & World Report of being recognized as one of the nation’s elite cancer hospitals and the leading cancer hospital in the west. Beyond the state-of-the-art research and medical facilities, City of Hope brings the development of new treatments that are helping patients to live longer and more fully. They take pride in their groundbreaking discoveries, compassionate care, and innovative treatments that help patients fight life-threatening diseases. The teams at City of Hope address the needs of both patient and their families, including looking at the whole person for wellness needs, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute specialize in treating the specific type of cancer that each patient has. Their goal is the address the cancer head-on and defeat it. Their seven locations in Massachusetts and New Hampshire include some of the leading professionals in all aspects of dealing with the disease as well as ensuring that both patient and their families’ needs are addressed. With some of the best labs and researchers, their scientists are attacking cancer at every level, discovering molecular targets for new “smart” drug therapies and harnessing the immune forces to fight cancer. Their innovative treatments seek to identify cancer and treatments in diverse populations. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute offers resources for patients, families, and care-givers.

Georgia Cancer Specialists

Georgia Cancer Specialists offer comprehensive cancer care in 25 locations throughout Metro Atlanta, North, and Central Georgia. They are facilities of Northside Hospital through GCS’ affiliation with the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute. The teams at Georgia Cancer Specialists address the medical needs of the patient and their families, but also look to working with everyone in fighting the disease. From clinical trials to nutrition and caregiving, Georgia Cancer Specialists recognize the journey of the patient and are there every step of the way. Their integrative approach called “The Cancer Answer” includes prevention, early, detection, advanced treatment and support services.

Indiana University Health

Indiana University Health takes pride as the largest network of physicians in Indiana. Partnered with Indiana University, one of the country’s leading medical schools, Indiana University Health brings a unique ability to offer patients access to leading treatment options and medicine that are often available first and sometimes only at IU Health. The goal at Indiana University Health is in personalizing an approach in treatment that is specific to the patient and to treat the whole person. IU Health brings a full range of specialty services for our adult and children patients and their families including cancer, cardiovascular, neuroscience, orthopedics, pediatrics, and transplant services.

Navicent Health

Serving an estimated population of 750,000 residents of Central and South Georgia, Navicen Health is an acute care hospital that is the second largest in the state. The medical facility treats patients from almost 80% of Georgia’s 159 counties and is accredited by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) A group of healthcare professionals and physicians from various specialties have formed the Breast Care Center with a goal to provide patients with expedient diagnosis to help to reduce treatment. One central location offers screenings, breast health education, diagnosis and treatment; simplifying the process and giving patients and their families treatment options.

New Mexico Cancer Center

NMCC has been a leader in New Mexico with their “Come Home Model” (Community Oncology Medical Home) for cancer treatment that has led to improved outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, and lower costs. The success was so great that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has based their new Oncology Care Model. The medical home translates to a commitment to providing patients and their families with the services that are needed. Known for their extended hours and same-day appointments, NMCC see a team of professionals that coordinate together for providing care and comfort. On-call 24/7 physician access gives patients peace of mind and compliments the best science that is followed to make sure that patients get the care that is required, and just not guided by insurance companies. Their highest priority is keeping a patient healthy, strong, functioning at the highest possible level and staying out of the hospital. NMCC is aligned with cancer support services to ensure the best possible ability to battle their illnesses.

Northwest Cancer Clinics

NWCC (Northwest Cancer Clinic) brings warmth and caring combined with state-of-the-art cancer care in the Tri-Cities Washington State area. As an award winning clinic, they take pride in offering integrative oncology. This approach combines three essential components for the cancer patient: conventional cancer treatments such as radiation therapy, complementary treatments such as nutritional supplements and acupuncture, and lifestyle changes such as anti-cancer nutrition, stress reduction, and exercise. NWCC has free health, wellness, and prevention education presentations.

Northwestern Medicine

With over 600 locations throughout Illinois and Indiana, Northwestern Medicine has 14 that are cancer-specific. As experts in the field, they treat over 10,000 new cancer cases every year and specialize in every step of support and treatment for the patients and their families. Northwestern Medicine takes a three-step approach of: diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, with full access to state-of-the-art therapies and leading-edge medical, surgical, and radiation oncology options. Patients have the ability to use clinical trials, diagnostic services and specialized research. As one of only 50 National Cancer Institutes (NCI)-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers in the nation. NCI is one of the anchors in the nation’s cancer research efforts to fight cancer. The Breast Cancer Care division includes teams of professionals that bring every aspect of breast cancer treatment and options to the patient, with a goal to be healthy as the battle against the disease goes forward.

New York Cancer & Blood Specialists

As one of the 20+ New York Cancer and Blood Specialists locations their goal is to fight cancer together. They take pride in ensuring that the patient’s wellbeing and health comes first and that every patient feels comfortable and becomes part of their family. A full care team is assigned and every concern is addressed. In addition to the required medical and radiation oncology, patients will have additional services including specialists in lymphedema therapy, nutrition, medical massage, occupational and physical therapy, social work, and psychology. The goal is to be there for patient and family, every step of the way.

Physician's East

With 12 locations in Eastern North Carolina, Physicians East combines as team of professionals that work together to develop the personalized health care plan that’s tailored to the needs of the patient. Their Patient Centered Medical Home approach model fuses information technology and teamwork for care improvement while also allowing better patient experience and a reduction in costs. Medical homes encourage a partnership between the patients and their personal clinicians. The model also incorporates the ability for a specialist to be available when a patient needs them as well as explaining options and choices. Assisting in taking charge gives patients and their families a bit of peace of mind as they coordinate to help find specialists and get needed appointments while ensuring that the specialists receive the information they need to follow through with care.

UF Health

As a unique combination of health colleges, centers, and institutes, the University of Florida Health group of hospitals brings patient care programs to the forefront. Their academic health centers have made discoveries that have led to patient care breakthroughs and they offer state-of-the-art, world-class health centers. UF Health offers specialty cancer hospitals with teams of professionals that will guide the patient and their families through the road of treatment and offering options based on the specific type of cancer. Experienced staff with backgrounds in oncology, social work, psychology, creative arts and holistic healing, engage patients and families in a variety of educational opportunities and support services designed to foster personal discovery.

University of Kansas Cancer Center

The over 15 locations throughout Kansas personalizes treatments for each patient based on their unique molecular and genetic characteristics. Their focus is to ensure that they provide the safest and most effective treatment for the individual. Their highest priority is in providing patients and their families with the best medical and supportive care. Changing the experience of cancer in the world requires giving all people better access to novel treatments and breakthrough ideas as well as leveraging their capabilities as a force in cancer prevention, research, and patient care. The University of Kansas Cancer Center has a team of physicians that specialize in breast cancer medical oncology, breast radiology, and breast surgical oncology. They are dedicated to the clinical practice of breast cancer and have a goal to create the best integrative care plan.

University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center

With locations all over Maryland, the theme at University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center is “Cancer care that honors the body, mind and spirit.” Teams of experts address the medical needs of the patient while also focusing on making the journey to battle the disease a bit easier. UM St. Joseph Medical Center’s Cancer Institute brings hope to patients with advanced diagnostic and treatment services and uses cutting-edge technologies. The Barbara L. Posner Wellness & Support Center at UM St. Joseph’s Cancer Institute offers holistic and integrative therapies and programs to support patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. Treating the disease means treating the whole person. Nationally recognized for excellence by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), a program of the American College of Surgeons, the Breast Center applies key disciplines such as pathology, nursing, lymphedema management, nutritional services, social work, and genetic counseling.

Virginia Oncology Associates

Virginia Oncology Associates has locations in Virginia and North Carolina. They know that every cancer is different for each individual and they take this type of approach for treatment. Their in-depth understanding gives their clinical teams the ability to provide personalized care to determine the best course. The professionals view the many variables and work with the patient and their families to discuss new advances, clinical research, and all options. Virginia Oncology believes that the patient and their families need to be comfortable making decisions and they will be there to assist in fighting the disease. Dedicated teams are at the forefront of fighting cancer and they will provide their area’s largest oncological clinical research program to benefit the patient.